Passionate about images !

Corporate videos
Also called company videos or institutional films, it communicates all your activities, values and products. Excellent for future clients, it is also a good snapshot of your company for future employees as well as your actual sales staff for them to use on their tablets to promote sales. It can also be used as a video report.

Training video
To introduce and inform your employees to new technologies. To save time and money by reducing business trips. Updates are easily added to the video as you develop.

“How does it work” video
An instructive video, for assembling or maintenance can help your clients. It avoids longue conversations or emails.


Expo Ayer’s Cliff Fair
Expo Agricole d’Ayer’s Cliff
Centre d’Arts Rozenski

EzOx Matrix Environment
L’Épopée de Capelton

Écurie Jacques Robidas
La Forge d’Ilmarinien
Ville de Coaticook

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